Featured Speakers :

 Manuel Fehlhammer
Manuel Fehlhammer
Lead Architect BMW Platform Software
 Daniel Karlsson
Daniel Karlsson
Research Engineer, Advanced Technology & Research
Volvo Group Trucks Technology
 Florian Leitner-Fischer
Florian Leitner-Fischer
Senior Software Engineer/Software Architect
TRW Automotive
Dr Alexandros Mouzakitis
Dr Alexandros Mouzakitis
Head of Model-based product engineering, Electrical, Electronics, and Software Engineering
Jaguar Land Rover
Dr Manfred Schölzke
Dr Manfred Schölzke
GME Vehicle Safety Systems, Platform & Systems Engineering
Adam Opel AG
 Kai Strübbe
Kai Strübbe
Head of TÜV SÜD Embedded Systems

International Conference "Automotive Embedded Systems"

  • How can the current complexity of embedded systems and software components be managed?
  • How can embedded systems fulfil the prerequisites and contribute to getting the driver out of the loop?
  • How does the perception of “software as a product not just a component” affect OEMs and Tier1s and their requirements?
  • How can safety and security goals be fulfilled and aligned?
  • How can OEMs and Tier 1s use software products for differentiation successfully?
  • How can short development times, short life cycles, cost pressures, updating requirements be managed most efficiently and effectively?

Embedded systems are becoming more and more the key drivers of product innovation in the automotive sector. Software in ECUs is realizing increasingly more vehicle features and major players base their product differentiation heavily on software components because software innovations allow for great total product innovation jumps in the areas of comfort, HMI, powertrain, communication, car-to-X or intelligent automation. 

Today’s vehicles software has a complexity that grows more quickly than those of IT systems from SAP, Oracle and Microsoft together. "Mastering" is the key word. Mastering the complexity of embedded software and its systems goes along with a number of challenges: Ensuring functionality and safety, such as real time capability and deterministic system behaviour is one example. Moreover, avoiding external attacks (security), which potentially endanger human life (safety) is a top priority. Finally, managing increasing complexity while decreasing time-to-market and integrating different software applications as well as off-the-shelf components results in major challenges for the automotive industry.

Our "Automotive Embedded Systems" Conference will bring together experts from along the value chain to ensure maximum knowledge transfer and professional exchange on the topic of embedded systems and software challenges and opportunities. 

Don't forgo the opportunity to meet international experts from OEMs, suppliers, and academia to discuss, hear and learn about their experiences and challenges during three conference days.

We are seeking for a variety of formats and engagement for presenters and participants to ensure a high quality of thought, deliberation and discussion. Are you one step ahead in the development or application of embedded systems or its software aspects and would like to share your success story? Please feel free to contact us (sarah.ruddat@iqpc.de) to evaluate the different participation formats.

We are looking forward meeting you in March in Düsseldorf!

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